Take Charge!™ Educational Coaching

Take Charge!™ Educational Coaching is a curriculum for learners to increase self-awareness, develop an island of competence, and take charge of their llives. More about educational coaching.

Thanks to the generosity and encouragement of many community businesses, organizations, and individuals, as well as invaluable feedback from pilot program participants, educators, parents, and interns, we have revised and refined our clinical model and begun dissemination into the community through the Take Charge!™ Educational Coaching program

We offer workshops and training seminars on Take Charge!™ and other education-related topics through our newly established Coach Training Institute.

As a community resource, Bridges is committed to proving educational and professional development opportunities. We have sponsored twenty major conferences featuring nationally known experts in the field of neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disorders, self-esteem, family relationships, learning strategies and coaching. The programs have been held on Cape Cod, in Southeastern Massachusetts and in the Greater Boston area, often in collaboration with schools, agencies and hospitals. The conferences bridge gaps in information for parents, educators, health and mental health providers and provide staff training and community education.

Through our mentoring of clinicians interested in the field, both our learning experiences and the quality of our programs have been enhanced. We have participated in substance prevention and research, as members of the Town of Barnstable Prevention Team and as participants in a clinical research study of the relationship between learning disabilities and substance abuse (University of Minnesota, National Institute of Health Study). As one of our Directors is co-chairperson of the Town of Barnstable Multicultural Festival, we endorse and practice inclusion of participants from diverse communities in all activities.

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