Stories of Resilience

The Bridging Out Program is a group with 9 members and 3 professional leaders. Feeling proud of their efforts to overcome personal challenges, the members decided to share their stories of bouncing back. They met monthly as a group and completed Take Charge! Lessons. They also selected a personal project to show their strength and write a story of resilience.

The members are reaching out to community groups to help others bounce back . and move forward!

Stories of Resilience is a project of the Bridging Out program where members share a personal story of 'bouncing back' . The group's assignment was "You will share a story of bouncing back through for example: writing, photography, dance, music or drawing etc.

Building Confidence:  Playing Guitar

I decided to play guitar with Betty Anne (my coach) for my project.  We began playing together almost every week for a year. David from the group came once too to take pictures.  We talked about how things were going and then chose songs to express my feelings.  Once in a while, I surprised myself by rewriting the lyrics.  My favorites were the Allman Brothers, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and John Denver.  I appreciated Betty Anne coming over to play guitar.

How did this help me build confidence??
Playing the songs in rhythm helped me calm down and feel more positive about myself.  That’s what the music does to me...when I’m playing I’m in the best environment for me to grow and learn.  Take Charge! Lesson 3 and the sponge helped me understand that the setting makes a big difference.  Oh yeah! Staying Alive got me dancing

What have I discovered?
I know I have to keep music in my life!
I have new confidence and I have met new friends.
I will look for ways to play with others.   If I start feeling down, I will turn to my guitar.
I will work on music with the group.

Feeling Safe With Tippy

Stories of Resilience coverStories of Resilience bookcover

In March 2005 I decided to walk away from a long term relationship where I was abused.  In a way I went into hiding. I moved home with my parents.  Tippy, my cat on the cover all covered up, helped me feel safe.  Thank you Tippy!   I feel so much safer there now … I’ve been able to let go of fears and move on with my life.  I feel like Flora, our contented cat!

I planned a “trip of a life time” with my parents.  I went to England and France to visit my brother and his family. I took the train (another new experience!) from London to Paris.

Three years later, I am a lot happier.  People have noticed that I’ve changed from the inside out.  I go out with friends from work and I volunteer in my community. I help out with group meetings and projects. 
I help my family when they need it.

Thank you Tippy!  I’ve learned to protect myself.  Thank you Flora! I’m learning to be a contented cat.

Whiskey, my first cat when I was 12, loved to play.  When Tippy came I remembered how much fun it was to play.  I wonder if I will be as playful as this kitten.  Who knows what’s next! The possibilities are endless.

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