Who we are

Our Mission

Bridges Associates, Inc. helps children and adults take charge of their lives.

What we do

Bridges Associates provides the following services.

  • Outreach consultation to schools, agencies, programs and teams
  • Diagnostic assessment with children, families and adults
  • Psychological testing and neurodevelopmental evaluation
  • Training and Take Charge!® Coach Certification

New Projects

  • Youth Empowerment
  • Family Resiliency
  • Training Institute
  • Product Development

Our History

Bridges Associates, Inc., established in 1989, is a private not-for-profit organization governed by a voluntary Board of Directors. Programs and services are funded through the following means:

  • Fees for individual services
  • Private donations
  • Grants
  • Corporate sponsors
  • In-kind donations
  • Contracts

Since its inception, the Board of Directors' long-range vision has been for Bridges to be a socially responsible not-for-profit organization, supporting viable programs and, through the production and sale of materials, providing educational and job skill training opportunities for youth and individuals with learning disabilities.

Over the years, our pilot programs have included the following:

  • Bridging Out (1990-present): a monthly social enrichment group for adults with significant neurodevelopmental disabilities
  • Adult ADD+ (1993-1998): a support group for adults living with Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Riding Outreach (1999-2004): a therapeutic recreation program that combined horseback riding and barn work with socialization.
  • Social Enrichment programs (1994-2001) structured youth programs, including Creative Arts & Play, Help with Homework, Projects for Fun, and the KanDoo Kangaroo ™ Classroom Puppet Show

Participants in all of our programs have been the guiding voice in the development of our current focus, the Take Charge!™ Educational Coaching program

Our Accomplishments - since 1989


  • Incorporated (1989) and granted 501(c)3 status with IRS (1990)
  • Developed clinical, education and training program
  • Maintained professional licenses and memberships in national organizations.
  • Maintained a consistent website presence (1994-present)
  • Published books with program members (Bridging Out: Puzzle Book 1991; Riding Outreach Program: Handbook 1999; Take Charge!™ Educational Coaching Curriculum: 2004, Stories of Resilience)
  • Participated in Practice Development Business Coaching Group and Supervision Training to change the organization's image and focus to education, training and research
  • Community activities include: Steering Committee Multicultural Festival of Cape Cod (2001-2005); Member, Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce (2003 –present); Appointed to the Governor’s Council, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission; Steering Committee Member Barnstable County Council for Children, Youth, and Families; Member Sudden Impact, Partner: Cape Cod Youth Empowerment
  • Recipient of challenge funding and business development coaching (venture philanthropy) to publish and produce the curriculum
  • Recipient of capacity-building grant: UMass Donahue Institute, Compassion Capital
  • Consultation and support from New England Network's ImProveSM Outcomes
  • Strategic Plan (2005)
  • Review of Strategic Plan (2008) by Board, Advisors, and Stakeholders.


  • Bridging Out Program (1990-present), a group for adults with significant learning disorders
  • Adult ADD+ (1993-1998), a support group for adults with ADD and related conditions
  • Take Charge!™ Youth groups, social enrichment programs (1993-2001): received 5 continuous years (1995 – 2000) of funding from the Town of Barnstable and Fleet to run youth groups (KanDoo™ Classroom, Homework, Creative Arts & Play etc) for the recreation and community services department.
  • Riding Outreach Program, in collaboration with Sea Horse Farm in Harwich (1999-2004); received donation for barn in 1998 from private donor.
  • Programs received national recognition in three editions of “Exceptional Lives” by Turnbull, Turnbull, and Shank and raised nearly $400,000 from grants and individual donations for program development and support.


  • Graduate intern training (1993-present). Clinical internship site for Family Therapy Department, UMASS Boston 1999- present; and previously other counseling and family therapy programs. Affiliations with Curry College, Master’s Degree Education program (faculty, mentoring) and Antioch New England Marriage and Family Therapy Program..
  • Sponsored twenty major conferences (1990-2000) featuring nationally known experts in the fields of neuro-developmental and neuro-psychiatric disorders, self-esteem, family relationships, learning strategies, and coaching.
  • Offered six, 2-day (10-hour) training seminars in Take Charge!™ Educational Coaching program (2003-present); trained over 50 parents and professionals; developed working relationships with ¼ of coaches. Organized pilot program data to successfully obtain funding for training. Conducting follow up survey.
  • Participants in a clinical research study of the relationship between learning disabilities and substance abuse (University of Minnesota, National Institute of Health Study). Proposal submitted to University of New Hampshire (2004) for outcome based study.

  • Partnership to establish training institute: Commonwealth Educational Services, Family Continuity Programs


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