Take Charge® at Home

Take Charge!® Coaching is a strength-based multisensory coaching method developed at Bridges. It is a flexible model used with individuals, families and youth leadership programs that support school success and socialization.

Take Charge! ® helps individuals, groups and families:

  • learn to bounce back
  • develop collaboration and relationship skills
  • create a personal plan for success
  • improve ability to manage emotions
  • enhance communication skills
  • build skills in self awareness and initiative
  • become more resilient

Bridges Associates, Inc., a partner in the Cape Cod Youth Empowerment Initiative, received funding from the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute and New England Network for Children Youth and Families. The project, Take Charge!® At Home helps families to develop resiliency.

Cape Cod Youth Empowerment – Take Charge! At Home Activities

  1. Family coaching
  2. Resources and training
  3. Youth leadership activities
    • Webpage Development
    • Surveys  - Your voice counts! 
    • Homework Focus Group
    • Youth Leadership Course 
    • Think and Grow Youth Groups
    • Stories of Resilience  (see an example done by the Bridging Out program)
    • Youth Enterprise
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