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What is Executive Functioning?

The term Executive Function is used to describe a set of
Readiness Skills that includes goal setting, planning, organizing
and fulfilling or implementing steps to successfully complete a
task. There has been a marked increase in the diagnosis of
children as having weaknesses in executive function skills by
educational, behavioral health and medical professionals. A
common feature of weak executive function skills is difficulty
with organization skills, the ability to think in an organized way
and to successfully manage belongings, schedules and
assignments. At the seminar, you will learn practical strategies
to help students and clients identify “the big picture”, to
integrate information, to make inferences, to improve
processing speed and to problem solve. You will go home with
practical strategies to support self-management of tasks such as
homework and projects and management of personal

Executive Functioning- March 26, 2011

A Practical Strategies Seminar Focusing on
Organization and Self-Management Skills
With Sarah Ward, M.S., CCC/SLP

The purpose of the seminar is to provide parents and
professionals a solid understanding of what the executive
functioning skills are and how they impact an individual’s
academic and personal performance. Participants will learn
many practical strategies to improve motivation and task
initiation; increase awareness of and ability to set reasonable
goals; teach time management skills for prioritizing, organizing
and completing tasks; coach a student or client to think in an
organized way; and encourage self-initiative to manage
personal belongings.

Do you live with, teach or help someone who:

  • Needs strategies to be organized and to effectively manage
    their time, tasks and materials?
  • Struggles with initiative (getting things done), flexible
    thinking (vs. black and white) or task completion (on time)?
  • Has learning challenges and associated executive function
    based weaknesses?
  • Might benefit from learning better strategies or developing
    executive function skills?

Cost includes lunch, CE credit and Certificate, and handouts.
Refunds (less a $25 handling fee) available until 3/16/11. Seats
are available on a first come first served basis. We will reserve
seats with payment or purchase order. Walk in registration will
be available if seats are available.

March 26, 2011 8:30 a.m.— 4:00 p.m. Executive Functioning Location: Cape Codder Resort & Spa Route 132 Hyannis, MA

$79 Before 2/28/11

$99 After 3/1/11

About the Speaker

Sarah Ward, M.S., CCC/SLP has over fifteen years experience in
evaluations, case management and treatment of children,
adolescents and adults with a wide range of brain based
learning difficulties and behavioral problems. She presents to
national audiences and is the founder of the Center for
Executive Function Skill Development in Lincoln, MA

Here are some comments from participants at our conference
with Sarah Ward in 2008:

  • Sarah's presentation was, by far, the best I've been to in
    terms of content and practical application - and done in such
    a short period of time. Wonderful and very helpful.
  • Wonderful presentation! I will definitely use the information
    for my students and myself. Teacher
  • Program exceeded expectations!!! Helpful handouts.
  • Time management information quite helpful. Parent
  • Would love another presentation, perhaps for 1- 2 days.

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