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Since 1989, Bridges Associates, Inc. has helped children and adults, affected by disabilities and barriers to school success, take charge of their lives.

Our goal is to help people achieve personal, family, educational and social success.


Resiliency begins with a vision of success. When the vision is followed by a common understanding of the challenge(s), an action plan, and a collaborative cross-disciplinary team working together, optimistic solutions emerge, and individuals succeed. To that end, Bridges Associates provides assessment, evaluation, and psycho-educational testing; family and team consultation; coaching for individuals, families, and groups; community-based group programs; and education and training programs.


This 501c3 organization, founded on Cape Cod in 1989, offers professional services and training, community education and group programs. The TAKE CHARGE!® model was developed to build resiliency, initially for individuals with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder and other special needs. It has become the framework for all services and programs at Bridges. The model integrates best practices from many professional fields. Bridges Associates, Inc. has received generous funding from public and private donors in support of the model, which is endorsed by therapists, educators, health providers, agencies, educational institutions, community and professional networks.

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