Since 1989, Bridges Associates, Inc. has helped children and adults affected by disabilities and barriers to school success take charge of their lives.

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G.R.I.T.: Growing Resiliency Individually and Together

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The Bridging Out Program is a social enrichment program for adults with significant learning difficulties and has run since 1990.

TAKE CHARGE!® Coaching is a multisensory, strength-based method originally developed for youth and adults who struggled to learn due to learning and reading disabilities, ADHD, depression, and anxiety.

G.R.I.T. – Growing Resilience Individually and Together – is an after-school enrichment program that empowers youth and adults to learn and practice essential skills of self-awareness, good nutrition, mindful movement, and communication in a safe and fun learning environment.

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Envision success.
Believe you can succeed.
Celebrate resilience.

Resiliency begins with a vision of success. When the vision is followed by a common understanding of the challenge(s) and possibilities, an action plan is created together and optimistic solutions emerge.

To that end, Bridges Associates provides office-based assessment, evaluation and psycho-educational testing, family and team consultation, and coaching for individuals and families.

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Take Charge

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