Growing G.R.I.T.

Growing G.R.I.T. (Growing Resilience Individually and Together) is a school / after-school program that educates and empowers youth, and the adults in their world, to learn and practice essential skills of self-awareness, good nutrition, moving mindfully and communication in healthy relationships. Caring adults in a safe and fun learning environment are a catalyst for healthy lifestyle, reduced stress, improved school performance, satisfying friendships and community engagement. Collaboration and cross-sector training are essential features of the program.

Adult Comments:

The Nutrition Program helped me a lot.
I changed the way I think about what I eat.
I changed my eating habits.
It feels like healthy eating and friends will give me a healthy brain.

What is GRIT? youth comments

Have hope.
Try new foods.
Be positive.
Try new things.

GRIT is a cross sector or cross discipline collaborative program with several unique features. The overarching design addresses social determinants of health with nutrition, self-awareness, group relations, and stress management. The goals and objectives are described in a logic model and measured with a pre and post survey developed and analyzed by independent consultants. With an external consultant and independent statisticians, our team developed a survey (Growing GRIT Survey V7) that is administered at the beginning and the end of the program. The questions were gleaned from valid measures for our cross disciplinary outcomes. Leaders and family of participants complete an evaluation as well. The program integrates Nutrition Curriculum developed by Kumara Sidhartha, MD, MPH/Nutrition. As the Principal Investigator, he has consulted with various university affiliated public health/nutrition consultants. 

Mary-Jane Beach, LMFT, developer of TAKE CHARGE!® has worked closely with university affiliated behavioral health and family community systems consultants who have assisted with the leader training manual and materials. Independent evaluators evaluate the data and program process. Contact Dr. Sidhartha for a report.

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