The Take Charge!™ Educational Coaching Program

Take Charge!® Coaching, a strength based multisensory coaching method for individuals, families and groups developed at Bridges. It is a flexible coaching model used with individuals and families, youth leadership training, and youth programs supporting school success and socialization.

Take Charge! ® helps individuals, groups and families:

  • learn to bounce back
  • develop collaboration and relationship skills
  • create a personal plan for success
  • improve ability to manage emotions
  • enhance communication skills
  • build skills in self awareness and initiative
  • become more resilient

The Take Charge!™ Educational Coaching Curriculum is focused on helping youth enhance self-esteem and cultivate learning, organizational and social enrichment skills. “Coaching” guides students to move forward with their lives. The coach understands the individual struggles, and helps the student build skills and confidence, while learning to manage feelings and obstacles to success. The coach facilitates family and school understanding and response to the identified needs.

Since 1993, over 350 youth from Cape Cod have participated in individual or group pilot coaching programs at our office or in the community. Students learn educational and motivational strategies through creative, therapeutic activities and self-directed projects. The expected outcome is for the student to “take charge” of their education, which means that they will identify challenges or blocks to school success, understand their learning styles, develop coping mechanisms for their struggles and practice routines for homework and studying. Finally they learn to communicate their needs to others and learn to evaluate. The other important positive outcome, as reported by participants, was an opportunity to socialize. Their priorities were making friends, enjoying fun activities and games, having time for homework, and, of course, snack.

Take Charge!™ Lessons

Take Charge!™ Coaching has been implemented in both group and individual settings in the office and community settings.

There are twelve Take Charge!™ Lessons, all of which can be found in our Take Charge!™ Educational Coaching Curriculum. Each lesson features a hands-on symbolic tool, surveys, activities, experiential exercises and routines to practice skills.

The Lessons are:

1. Find direction in life. What are your core values? What is important to you?
2. Understand yourself. What are your strengths? Where do you need help?
3. Design an ideal learning environment for you. How will you create this space?
4. Be optimistic. Do you believe that you will succeed? How will you feel hopeful?
5. Be kind and respect differences. Make a “handle with care” pledge.
6. Nurture confidence. Use affirmations for encouragement.
7. Set challenging & realistic goals. Identify 5 goals with a star.
8. Build routines and learn to plan and prepare. Create a rainbow of color weekly.
9. Practice the “Self ABC’s”. Live with awareness, balance and calm.
10. Communicate with others. How will you communicate as a “take charge” person?
11. Appreciate change. Take time to notice the progress you make.
12. Celebrate. Have fun. Play every day.

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